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Kate Chiariello — Certified Master Inspector

InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector
IAQ2 Certified Inspector

As the proud owner and operator of Clover Property Inspections, Kate Chiariello brings a deep-rooted passion for houses and a commitment to exceptional service. Clover Property Inspections  is a heartfelt tribute to her Irish immigrant grandfather, who laid the foundation for her love of homes and the building process. After coming to the United States, he started a contracting business in Rancho Santa Fe and went on to build many of the beautiful houses there.

Kate’s dedication to her clients is evident in every inspection she conducts. As a Certified Master Inspector, she takes immense pride in delivering detailed and comprehensive inspections. Kate’s caring nature extends further, as she gladly shares her extensive knowledge about healthy indoor environments. Choose Kate as your reliable partner in making informed decisions about your home.

Certified Master Inspector
About Home Inspector Kate Chairiello
When not conducting inspections, Kate enjoys playing roller derby, traveling and trying new foods, and most of all spending time with her two sons.
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Pioneering the Future of Inspections

Kate Chiariello uses cutting-edge technology to offer the most comprehensive inspections available. She employs a suite of advanced tools to ensure every detail is thoroughly assessed.

Thermal imaging allows her to detect hidden issues, such as insulation gaps or electrical anomalies, providing a deeper insight into a property’s condition. Aerial drones grant her access to hard-to-reach areas, giving a wide-ranging view of a property’s exterior. Moisture meters, gas leak detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are employed to identify hazards and safeguard indoor air quality.

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Clear Communication that Prioritizes Your Best Interest

Clover Property Inspections stands for transparency and accountability. Count on us for detailed, tailored inspection reports that cater to your needs.

Trust us to promptly and professionally address your queries and concerns. After the inspection, we provide a comprehensive walkthrough, clarifying your property’s condition.

Beyond inspections, we share insights for healthy indoor environments. We genuinely care about your well-being, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed home decisions.

Home Inspections with Home Inspector Kate Chiariello
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